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DIY in the pipeline…

I love DIY Stuff… If I had more spare time I would build some cool stuff. Like the ones here on this list.
I’ve started this “half sticky” post to continue to input stuff that I find cool and I would like to one day make it myself. So, here is the list:


-Natural swimming pool / lake

I would love to make one of these… first I should get a house though…


-Cloud lamps

Using LED’s and lots of cotton… it would be a bother to clean from dust but I like the idea. How to do it? here you go, Source:


-Lighted shelfs

These shelfs are easy to build. Just get some nice ones from Ikea, the LED lights from a hardware store and off you go… I also placed this on a shopping list simply because I can.

-Tron suit

This video is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the last months (years?), I so much want to build my own “Tron” suit for Halloween. So I looked it up at instructables and of course they have a couple of instructions for making something like this:

In short, I’m going to make one of these… this year?


-Light table

At you find the most amazing things. It is really a website you can lose hours on it… The upper photo shows a light table that is normally used for seeing negatives or photo slides. I am all digital now, but it is still a cool thing to build, no? Perhaps when I have a lot of free space and I want to impress people with or the other photo.


-Veggies at the window

-Window gardens, Ok I would use a different scheme, and my windows don’t allow this type of construction, but I like the idea. Just like the one on the right. The idea is simply to build a box with controlled light source to make the veggies or spices grow in the kitchen.


-SLR focous control
There is a commercial product for this, a simple SLR focous control. But it is so easy we can do it ourselves.


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