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Following up on last year’s good news.

Since September last year (possibly earlier) I collected quite a few interesting news and events, all from 2010…
Unfortunately I did not post them on my previous blog, so I’m posting them here now. I hope to be a little more regular with my postings in the future.
In any case, the portfolio presented in this webpage is still out of date, and I don’t really like the pictures I have here on the menu, so I’ll probably be working on that from time to time too.

The Dust Ball-One really cool vacuum cleaner 😀 I want this for next Christmas.

-Superhero suit to strengthen astronauts’ bones. It won’t stop bone mass loss, but maybe slow it down.

-Intestine grown from stem cells for the first time. The achievement is a big step towards replacing diseased gut tissue with fresh material in people with intestinal conditions. (Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature09691).
The HIV cure: Timothy Ray Brown was cured with a drastic method. In their latest paper in Blood, the researchers confirmed that Brown seems to have maintained his resistance to HIV for three years, refuting their expectation that he would become reinfected. They concluded that a “cure of HIV has been achieved in this patient”. A small step, that hopefully will enlighten researchers on the field to a proper general cure of the disease.
You can also read on the newspaper Stern in German.
-Electronic implant allows the blind to see. Making progress… also on BBC.
-First whole human liver built in lab. Ok, it’s the size of a plum and it’s half ferret… None-the-less Draco Malfoy could use it.

You Park Like an Asshole Helps You Share Your Feelings with Idiot Parkers. I should be printing this in German!
I think the most appropriate note would contain something like:
“Congratulations on your pregnancy. Either that or you are a handicapped (mental) that needs 2 spaces to park your car.”
-More on the same topic.
-On-demand streaming of movies and TV shows is a booming business, and Netflix is positioned well to further capitalize on its pioneering digital streaming efforts. What did I say??? Humm??? of course it’s a booming market!!!

German jobless total dips below 3 million. Looking good… 7.5 %

This is a good one.

Funny not for the news, but the juxtaposition.

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