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Some social developments have consequences elsewhere

As we know the french revolution had deep effects all over Europe and outside as well. Now small steps in Tunisia are being seen elsewhere in the Arab word. The Tunisians are calling it the Jasmine revolution: Amnesty for Tunisian political prisoners and parties… Good luck Tunisia, wish you all the best. First thing was a breath of fresh air to the press: Tunisia’s press welcomes “new dawn”, freedom at last. And then EU may freeze Ben Ali assets. In Portuguese it said that it WAS going to freeze, not that it MAY… It lets me wonder once more about the quality of the journalists in Euronews.
And somewhere else… Google gets through to Iran. Or better said, the US has lifted it’s embargo on Iran, nothing connected to the Tunisian incident indeed, but today (2011/01/26) I read the following:
– Purple night in Cairo. Mubarak faces challenge from the streets, during which police fired dozens of tear gas canisters into rioting crowds. This video illustrates what is happening in Egypt. Too bad the the student revolution in China (Tiananmen square) didn’t quite had the effect it was aiming at.
Update on the 28th of January:
– Opposition promises Mubarak Friday to remember. He is still there, but the Egyptians are still fighting.
– Flugblätter geben Tipps zum Widerstand. Mit Schutzbrillen, Spraydosen und Turnschuhen gegen die Staatsmacht: In Ägypten zirkulieren Flugblätter mit praktischen Tipps für Demonstranten. Wie schützt man sich gegen prügelnde Polizisten? Wie mobilisiert man die Massen? Die Broschüre gibt einen hautnahen Einblick in die Proteste.
– Government disconnects Egypt from internet. Do you have any doubts that they disconnected Egypt?? check here.
Update (02.02.2011) Egypt comes back online after government backs down. But unfortunately now there are confrontations with supporters of the old dictator…

Alas, not all is dire and a good laugh always helps to see things better.

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