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A bit of art and technology

Every once in a while I get fascinated by some artists… here are a few examples:

The first photo is from Gerco de Ruijter: “How abstract can a landscape become?”
The second photo is from Chris Kotsiopoulos.24 Hours of One Day In One Single Photo. This is just awesome.
The third photo is from a competition, 175 Photos of Day Taken at Night.
And last but not least, Trey Ratcliff, with his stunning HDR photos: Stuck in customs HDR photos.

And now for the technology bit 🙂

-PirateBox lets you share files with anyone close by. This is a cool idea, you can share your files with whoever is around you without needing an ISP. The building instructions are here.
-Accordion Package for quick Asian noodles. Looks pretty cool, I like it.
-Volkswagen XL1 will actually be built. The most fuel-saving car ever to reach Europe??? I would like to buy one in 2012/2013…
There is a pretty niffy concept car in this link. One which looks like a ball on tracks, but this one from Mercedes is even cooler (Mercedes goes Tron). I would definitely would not mind having it.





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