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Two topics of interest again: ecology and medicine.

I always liked new fresh ideas. And this time I’ve found things in ecology and medicine that I would like to share.


-ECOoler is a very nice ideia to cool down the house without electricity. How would you like to be able to cool your house (assuming you live in a part of the world where it gets hot enough to need cooling) without the use of electricity at all, whatsoever? What if instead of using electric power to stay cool in your home all day, all you had to do was run a bit of cold water in the morning? It appears that designers Mey kahn and Boaz Kahn have transported an ancient secret into the now that’ll do just that, and with a fantastically lovely bit of interior design as a conduit.
-Small turbines in tunnels to make energy. That sounds like a good idea, unless a car crashes into it and causes a short-circuit that will electrocute the driver and passengers… In any case, my hat goes off to Luís Castanheira.
-One liter limited faucet might just be the best water saving idea, and cool design as well. It would be a good idea for public bathrooms where people waste water unnecessarily. And I also don’t like those faucets with a spring. If you used all the water you needed and want to close it, you cannot! it must waste water until the spring goes up again…



-Patent truce boosts stem cell medicine. Finally people are looking into bringing the good things out of investigation to the public. Though I have one patent registered, I think that copyright should not be an issue to hold back research and further development. Especially in the medical area! Commercial use of it should have a particular clause to licensing for a fair praise.
-Researchers May Have Found a Potential Cure for Type 1 Diabetes. It is always a may, and never a sure thing. But it keeps the hopes up and further progress is noted.


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