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-Sensor system shows which Big Brother is watching you. Most recording devices usually indicate their presence with a simple LED indicator light – if the light is on, you’re being monitored. But where is that feed going, and why is it being collected? That is a question that could be handled by this proposal. I find it very interesting.
-Humans Are Now Using Motor-Driven Power Knees to Kick Ass. Another step to cyborgs. Just missing some nerve endings on this and off we go. We can make robocop real.
But before we get to that point, we have a few strings to tie up first. Here we are talking about a marathon for walking robots under starter’s orders. An extension to the famous Robocup.
-Metamophing Computer Interfaces. The technology, Magneclay I could not find who supplies it in a quick letmegoogleitforyou session. But I would like to read more about this.
-Two planets found sharing one orbit. The KOI-730 described by Lissauer and colleagues in a paper submitted to the Astrophysical Journal ( states that the two planets are 60º ahead of each other. Will KOI-730’s co-orbiting planets collide to form a moon someday? “That would be spectacular,” says Gott. That may be so, but simulations by Bob Vanderbei at Princeton suggest the planets will continue to orbit in lockstep with each other for the next 2.22 million years at least. Not something for my life time, I’m afraid.



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