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Would you believe that the photo on the left side was made by a blind man? It is incredible what we can do when we set our minds to it, even our mind’s eye.
On the topic of arts we could discuss the follow footage it is should be there… it is entertainment in any case, but is it something of the 7th art? As far as I can tell from the sucker punch trailer, it looks awesome, and appeals to every man’s instincts… 🙂 I am actually very curious to see it, though I am just expecting entertainment.

For something more serious, there is something to consider: The man who gets into the minds of psychopaths. “When Kent Kiehl visits some of the most dangerous prisoners in US jails, he doesn’t just go to talk. He’s there to find out what’s different about the way their brains work.” This is very interesting, and it supports my position on the ban of the death penalty as it is possible to study these criminal minds to understand what moves them. Perhaps one day detect them early on, prevent it from ever happening.
Something even more interesting and follows a though and feeling I have at the moment, the digital outbreak of entertainment and culture: This 26-Year-Old Is Making Millions Cutting Out Traditional Publishers With Amazon Kindle. Because digital services are the future, baby. Time to start looking into this and “piracy” from a different perspective.

With a much more serious topic, in Argelia protests continue, whereas in Egypt is seems to be over and now they are reconstructing. Finally good news.
The picture above illustrates what Dictators are really scared about. Quite funny and true… as we can see with the subject of internet: how the internet is used to pass on information for manifestation organization … well, besides the obvious statement, I meant the Libya affair. and here too some more information.

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