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Finally sharing some old links I found

Yves Behar Designs a Sleek Handset for Those Who Really Hate Smartphones. Pretty cool I would say.
-AERO E. Energy. Using wind power to power your cellphone or any other small device for that matter.
– Extracting bio diesel from still water. Also worth the visit.


This Star Trek-Style Scanner Tells If You’re Healthy Or Not


-This, in essence, is what designer Stanislaw Mlynski was imagining when he designed the award winning Re-cell ecological wall. A big undertaking, maybe, but this design shows that there is relevant potential for similar modular systems in eco-cities of the future.
T-box is a power generator that harnesses wind-energy when a train moves across the tracks. The box kind of merges with the sleepers on the tracks and houses all the components necessary to harness, store and supply converted power. What makes this project really cool is that it doesn’t rely on nature to be a source, instead it optimizes a human activity. It’s a similar concept to the one presented before for the wind turbines in the tunnels.


One Man Captured Secret Video in North Korea and Lived to Blog About It. A pretty interesting video:

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