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-Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’. A good example is: everyone goes to the bathroom, it’s normal and it’s nothing to be hidden, but there is no need to put your “workings” on-line or display them for everyone to see. The same applies to bank accounts, household, post and on-line surfing. Police work should follow proper standards and request audit of such matters.
-The nigerian scammer was found!!! These are great news, will suddenly spam numbers feel a drop??? Probably not…
-Almost 13,000 Christian clergy have done it. Nearly 500 Jewish rabbis have too. Now, Islamic teachers, or imams, have begun signing an open letter declaring that there is no clash between their religious faith and evolution. This sounds promising… a step forward to stop silly (and fanatic) discussions.


I don’t usually publish things about cars, since I’m not a car freak, but this is one sexy MF. The Mercedes Aria concept.



-Human-powered helicopter takes flight… almost. It will never become standard (or replace the bycicle) but the idea is so cool… I wish them all the best. Here’s a video on it:


Expanding Balcony: Space-Saving Fold-Out Deck Design. This is really great, I love it.



And another concept that I really like is this one: -Spaceless© is a balcony decking concept with integrated furniture. This is simply amazing, I love it.



-Calculations may have overestimated extinction rates. Good instead of the pandas disappearing in 100 years it will take 200 to 250…. No I’m not being totally ironic with this, it is a chance to save more animals at the brick of extension, since we have more time to change our ways.


-Chip to power the bionic eye system. Developed in Australia, will help to give a glimpse beyond the blind eye.
-Rob Summers, the first paraplegic to walk again. The news is in Portuguese, but you can check out this source too. It looks very promising, as they bypassed the damaged nerves in the spine to enable the legs to move again. Here is the academic article.


Trading fear for photos on a stricken plane. This is somewhere between society and art photography form. It’s worth taking the time for it.
And another timelapse video… simply beautiful….


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