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I will not apologize for not blogging more often. Life is happening out there! And I’ve photographed a few moments it, which I’ve uploaded to my portfolio. But what I’m really looking into is this G+ thing… The connection to other great photographers and works is just dazzling. Here’s my profile by the way, I’ve been updating more often there than here.
And while I’m still updating my portfolio in my own webpage (damn I have really old stuff here), I’ll procrastinate my lack of time to do stuff with the following video:

And since I’ve been uploading a bunch of Ultimate Frisbee photos I took in the last year or so, I’ve also decided to link (leak) here the TV report of our team in Heidelberg:
RNF – Frisbee für die ganz Harten.
And following some old news on Technology:
-SpaceShipTwo returning to Earth looks just awesome. Virgin Galactic has tested the return capabilities of their SpaceShipTwo spacecraft. The video of its first feathered flight is just too beautiful and elegant to describe. I can barely wait to be a passenger.
-IBM develops ‘instantaneous’ memory, 100x faster than flash. It’s good to know.


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