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Technological society, updated

Are we living up to our science-fiction dreams? I think we are… making progress in all areas, specially society. Take the Internet for example, it has helped to mobilize all sorts of social movements. With Tunisia opening the doors to social unrest, the news spread throughout the world, and no government censorship could stop it. It was seen, heard and felt by millions, perhaps thousands of million people. Here is another update on this topic with some current news.

As it would be expected: Egyptian protesters’ prayers answered as Mubarak quits.
And following everyone expectations, or perhaps just mine, the Jasmine revolution spread out to other Arab countries: Now it is in Libya with strong confrontations with the government representatives, in Yemen and Bahrain, where as in Egypt it is still going the protests, but with a different passion, they are now marching for their rights, showing the army as well that they expect results. I wish them all the best. I hope for no more deaths (wishful thinking I know), but a fair and just political system for all of them.
Though the original post was written on the 18th of February, Euronews came to report the same idea as myself on the 22nd: New media’s crucial role in North African events. Plus now Algeria is also rocking the boat: Algerian students defy regime protest ban.


And speaking of technology, Cellphone signals aimed to save power. A cellphone base station antenna that follows each phone user with a dedicated radio “beam”, rather than broadcasting in many directions at once, could slash the energy used by the mobile communications industry. If it was taken up globally, the equivalent of five 1-gigawatt power stations could be switched off. Read the complete news here.
And another cool thing, Johnny Chung Lee did something really cool. He used used a domestic robot connected it to laptop and Skype and controls it remotely to follow around the house… Check it out here. Or just watch the video below.

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